Anime fans worldwide have been captivated by the story of “Demon Slayer” (Kimetsu no Yaiba), and one character, in particular, has gained a massive following: Nezuko Kamado. The younger sister of the protagonist, Nezuko’s combination of ferocity, innocence, and striking design has made her an icon. In the world of nail art, Nezuko nails are a creative and stylish way for fans to pay homage to this beloved character.

Why Nezuko Nails?

  1. Unique Design: Nezuko’s distinct appearance, especially her bamboo muzzle and kimono patterns, offers a myriad of design possibilities.
  2. A Nod to Anime Culture: Anime has influenced various aspects of pop culture, including fashion and beauty. Nezuko nails are a way for fans to wear their love for “Demon Slayer” on their fingertips.
  3. Versatile: You can go all out with a full Nezuko-themed manicure or incorporate subtle elements that hint at the character.

Inspiration for Nezuko Nails:

  1. Kimono Patterns: Nezuko’s pink and dark red kimono, adorned with cloud-like patterns, can be the primary inspiration. Using these colors and designs will instantly evoke her iconic look.
  2. Bamboo Muzzle: A design of the bamboo muzzle on one or two accent nails can be a direct nod to Nezuko’s character.
  3. Eyes: Nezuko’s wide, pink eyes with their unique patterns can be a more intricate design choice for those looking to challenge their nail art skills.
  4. Hair Accessories: Nezuko’s pink ribbon and hair adornments offer additional elements that can be integrated into the nail art.

Steps to Create Nezuko-inspired Nails:

  1. Base Coat: Apply a clear base coat to protect your nails and enhance polish adhesion.
  2. Background Color: Opt for a pale or nude pink as a base color to match Nezuko’s kimono.
  3. Designing Patterns: Using a nail art brush, paint the cloud patterns of Nezuko’s kimono in darker shades of red. You can also use nail stamping kits if available.
  4. Accent Nails: Choose one or two nails as accent nails. Here, you can paint elements like the bamboo muzzle, her eyes, or any other significant feature.
  5. Top Coat: Seal your artwork with a clear top coat to protect the design and add shine.

Maintaining Your Nezuko Nails:

  1. Wear Gloves: If doing chores, especially washing dishes, wear gloves to protect your nails from chips or peeling.
  2. Regular Top Coat Application: Reapply a top coat every few days to maintain shine and protect the design.
  3. Moisturize: Keep your hands and cuticles moisturized to complement your manicure.


Nezuko nails are more than just a manicure; they’re a celebration of anime culture and the love many have for the “Demon Slayer” series. Whether you’re an avid anime fan or just appreciate unique nail designs, Nezuko-themed nails will surely offer a combination of elegance, beauty, and fandom passion.

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